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Carpet Makes an Affordable Flooring Option

Discount Carpet and Tile Inc. offers a wide selection of new carpets in our Vero Beach store. From plush, patterned and Berber-style carpets to carpets that are suitable for commercial or outdoor applications, we have many different colors and textures available based upon your personal preferences. Carpet is generally among your most affordable flooring options, especially when covering a large area. You can easily give a space an entirely new look just by changing the color or pattern of your carpet!

carpeted living room

The Many Magical Benefits of Carpeting

In addition to its general affordability, carpeting also provides many other benefits, including:


Carpet is softer and more comfortable than any other type of flooring.


Carpet adds insulation to your flooring, which can help reduce your energy costs. Psychologically speaking, carpet evokes a warm, plushy feeling when you walk across it vs. a hardwood floor on those cold winter mornings.


Carpet comes in many colors, patterns, and thicknesses to complement any décor.

Less Echo

Carpet absorbs more sounds than other types of flooring for less unwanted echoes.


Fewer slip-and-falls occur in rooms with carpeted floors.

Less Maintenance

Carpet requires less maintenance than hardwood or tile floors.

A Big, Comfy Selection of Name-Brand Carpets

When it comes to Vero Beach carpeting, Discount Carpet and Tile Inc. tries to make your floor-shopping experience as convenient as possible. You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger, comfier variety of name-brand carpets than in our warehouse selection. If you’re shopping for new carpets for your home or business in Indian River County, feel free to contact us today to request a free estimate. We also have discounted carpet remnants available to accommodate projects of all sizes!